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Welcome to

Occupational Therapy Services in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan by an English-speaking  Occupational Therapist 


Occupational Therapy  is a health profession that assists children to participate in occupations (self-care, play and school) they want to, need to or are expected to do through meaningful activities.


The mission of Root Occupational Therapy Services is to provide children with foundation for developing life and academic skills in a safe and playful environment.


Like a strong tree grows on healthy roots, a good foundation is essential for a child's development. When a child gains basic skills (root), he/she will naturally become capable of higher social and academic skills/functions (trunk and leaves). Good “Root” is indispensable for a child.

Root Occupational Therapy Services would like to cherish a child's health and well-being.


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Infection Prevention Measures
For safety during Covid-19, Root takes precautions below

Pict HAND.png

Washing the hands before and after

a session

Pict MASK.png

Wearing a mask

Pict ALCHOL.png

Providing individual OT packet

(when a material is shared, it’s cleaned with alcoholic wipe after each session)

Pict WINDOW.png

Opening the windows during a session as much as possible

Pict TEMP.png

Regular body temperature measure

Please cancel a session when your child has fever, cough running nose, sore throat and/or dullness.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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