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Steps For Starting
Occupational Therapy

Step 1


Request for an Appointment by Email

You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Step 2


Filling out Forms

Step 3


Evaluation include parent’s interview, formal (using standardized assessments) or observation or questionnaire-based assessment to find out underlying causes of your child’s difficulties

Step 4


Feedback and Report

A report will be sent to you

within 7-10 days after an evaluation.

Step 5


Start a Session

Occupational therapy will be provided at your home, a child’s school, a sensory gym and/or via online. 

"I met Yoshie when she visited the Philippines during a clinical reasoning workshop.

We were both in the same group during clinical skills exercises with real patients and it was then that I observed her calm and skillful composure with patients.  She was very knowledgeable as an occupational therapist and really had a pleasant and joyful manner with kids! "


Kaye M. Napalinga

Institution: The MedMom Institute for Human Development

Title: Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, Philippines

What People Say

What People Say

Approach/Therapeutic Treatments

Examples of Challenges/Concerns

Examples of Challenges/
(include but not limited to)

  • Holding and using a pencil, spoon and/or fork

  • Writing and coloring

  • Snipping with scissors

  • Tying shoelaces

  • Balance/fall often

  • Jumping

  • Throwing and Catching a Ball

  • Kicking a Ball

  • Pumping a swing

  • Pedaling a bicycle

  • Sleeping

  • Dressing

  • Eating and food choices

  • Sitting still, attention, and/or behavior

  • Transitioning or accepting change in environment or routine Touching people or objects constantly

  • Crashing and/or banging into people or objects


The therapy services at Root are not covered by Japanese National Health Insurance.

If you have an international health insurance, please contact your provider if fee for occupational therapy is reimbursed.

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